Manwhores come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s a man who has sex with other men for money but in most cases, manwhores are simply promiscuous men who fuck with other men just for the sake of scratching another notch on their bedpost, and it doesn’t matter if they’re top or bottom. What matters is that they’re horny, hard and possess a driving desire for men. Any time, any where, Draven Torres, Rogue Status, Randy Llarden, Llans Berlin, Billy Warren, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte are all manwhores, and they own it! Except they take their lust a step further. For these “Bareback Manwhores” it’s gotta be balls-deep and it’s gotta be raw. Skin-to-skin. Because there’s no connection like fucking bareback with the man you lust after.

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Stars: Billy Warren Dolf Dietrich

Breaking and Entering

It’s perp fuckin’ time! Cop Matt Stevens shows Draven Torres just how hard justice can be, and rams it home time and time again. Matt finishes himself off all over […]


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